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Amy Turner - Wedding Photographer

Ciao! I'm Amy and thank you for stopping by! (That's me to the right - on my own wedding day, photographed by my friend, the amazing David A Williams.)

I thought you may want to know a little bit more about me as you consider who to employ to do the all-important job of photographing your wedding day. Just think, your wedding photographer is going to spend quite a lot of time with you on your wedding day, so you've got to feel like they're not going to get on your nerves all day long hey?!

I'm short, blonde and can be a little mad - especially when there is a dance floor involved (quite famous for throwing my shapes :-) ) I love all things Italy, all things veggie and all things photography, but mainly life revolves around my wonderful husband Andy and my little girls Chenin & Lois. Chenin came along in February 2010 and Lois was born in February 2014. We've managed to time our babies perfectly around the wedding season don't ya think!?

To back-track a little, Andy and I formed our wedding photography business iMAG1NE in 2005. Since then we've photographed weddings all over Europe - initially together and in recent years on my own.

Andy, Amy, Chenin & LoisChenin & Lois

Italy | Umbria

We spend the majority of our year at our home in the Umbrian countryside where we grow our own vegetables, store our harvests in a variety of different ways, spend most of our time outside come rain or shine and drink a fair amount of wine. We're so lucky to have fab neighbours too who often give us pocket-loads of truffles! Yummy!

However, iMAG1NE is a UK Ltd Company and has become a true family business now managed by my Mum. I spend time in the UK each year doing all that stuff that's required to keep on top of a business but also shooting weddings and portraits whenever possible.

Gymnastics | Air Traffic Control | Travel

In the past I have been a keen gymnast and gymnastics coach and in fact am quite an all-round sporty-type (I was Cheshire Women's 100m Champ - goodness knows what year that was but it feels like 'forever' ago). During my A levels I learnt how to fly - can you believe they let me fly solo within months of me passing my driving test? Andy perishes the thought! I studied Languages at University (including Italian - handy!) but back then my biggest love was travel. Back-pack on, camera in hand, pittance in pocket and off I went - Australia, Peru, Brazil, Tibet, Nepal to name but a few.Amy, Chenin & Lois Before becoming a photographer I was an Air Traffic Controller but found that having to keep my little tush in one place for such long periods of time was an impossibility - too much energy! I'm a fidget.

Photography | Weddings

So photography. It's my 'thing.' I truly believe that I have the best job in the world.Jazzy I get to see girls become brides, tears and laughter then more tears then more laughter, married guests re-kindling their love for each other as they witness the ceremony of marriage and remember their own. How can it not be the best job in the world?

That said - it's not a job for the faint-hearted. I have to be in the right place, at the right time, pressing the shutter-release at the right moment, with the right settings, the right light, the right background, capturing the right expressions and, if needs be, the right pose. Boy oh boy, so much to think about. I will never stop learning!

I am confident that I can operate my cameras with my eyes closed but I will always, always approach each and every wedding as though my life depends on it (my living certainly does!) I set out to make my next wedding my very best.

As always, you can drop me an email, tweet or facebook message if you'd like to get in touch. Ciao! - Amy x